Meet Maven

Meet Maven
Meet Maven, our new Guardian Livestock Puppy! We got her two days ago. She’s an Anatolian Shepherd Dog born on August 8, 2017. We have added her with our goat herd. She’s adjusting really well. She has a little Tweety bird blankey with her siblings scent on it. She loves the blankey! She has taken to the goats real well and is always happy to see us.

Someone let our animals out today. Unlatched our gates and everything. I’m very upset about it. They even left litter in the pen. If only I had a trained hound dog, we could use the shirt they left behind to track ’em down. It was a wonderful test for little Maven though. She stayed with the goats! Max, on the other hand, stayed on the property.

Maybe I need to get my husky mix, Piper, out there. Unlike those two, she hates strangers. She can’t be trusted with chickens though…

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