We are a family of 9 in the north east of Washington state. Our names are Tim and Emily. We are originally from Champaign County, Ohio, but married then moved to Silicon Valley, and later to Central Valley, California. We stayed in California for 11 years. While in California, we had 7 children. In late 2016, we bought over 40 acres in the woods in Pend Oreille County, Washington and moved up here during Thanksgiving week. We are currently living in a fixer upper house in a nearby town. We have two build plans for the property. First we will build a home over a shop and live there while we save money for our large house. Then when our children are old enough, they could always move out to the apartment over the shop to get away from us. Of course, plans can change.

Once we moved out here, we acquired our first bunnies that weren’t pets. Willow and Winston Sr. They had babies, then Winston tragically died. We kept two of the three babies and acquired a new buck. We also got six chickens, no roosters. It is quite exciting to go out and grab some eggs! Now we are planning on adding goats to the mix. My eldest son also wants to add Rex rabbits, and my eldest daughter wants a pig, but we will see what the future holds for that.

Lately we’ve been living in our home during the day, and working on the property in the late afternoon and/or evening. We have our travel trailer parked there so it’s almost like a brief camping trip when we are there. We are hoping to move out there sooner rather than later. We are probably going to move the animals out there soon.