WalleWall-e is our oldest dog. He was born September 27, 2008 and is a black and white American Cocker Spaniel. Be prepared to pet him or he won’t stop barking until you do. He has health issues and separation anxiety from his favorite human, Tim. He also hates the outdoors but loves car rides. Nature, who needs it? He’s had several tumors removed from him and a back that went out from unknown causes. He has arthritis. He currently has a large tumor in his mouth that needs removed, but since his recent back problem, we’re waiting for him to improve. It was already biopsied and is begnin. He barks and doesn’t like other dogs. He loves humans though! He will follow you home if you let him. He also looks longingly at the chickens. He clearly has bird dog blood in him. He enjoys hunting gophers too. If he sees a hole, he’s ready to stare it down.

Mnt Peak MaxMax is our Bernese Mountain Dog. He was born late 2013. His birthday escapes me right now. He is over 100 pounds of dog who thinks he is still a puppy. He has a natural talent of ramming down fences, gates, and doors. He likes touring the town on his imaginary leash with his humans hot on his tail. He always comes when Emily calls though. She probably has some chicken. He loves nosing his humans awake in the morning so he can go outside. His favorite thing in the world is snow.

Mnt Peak BelleBelle was born March 5, 2014. She is a red and white English Cocker Spaniel. Max was a lonely puppy because Walle wanted nothing to do with him, so we got Belle to be his doggie companion. She is a very sweet girl who loves sleeping with the girls. She doesn’t want to play, she just wants to cuddle and be your best friend. She barks and will be uncertain of strangers, although she warms up pretty fast. She will delicately take treats from your hand like the princess she is. Although she will chase any cat for the fun of it, she won’t harm them.

Mnt Peak PiperPiper is our newest addition. She was born on January 20, 2017. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Siberian Husky mix. She has the markings of a Bernie, and the size and attitude of a Husky. She absolutely loves water and will kill small critters if she gets ahold of them. Luckily she has no interest in cats or chickens so far. She wants those rabbits though. Desperately. She is very good at sticking around the house or her people without a leash. She never runs off. She is still mouthy. Her favorite things are to play in her kiddie pool and jump on the bed to wake her humans up. She’s a natural water dog!