We currently have two does. They are a mother and sister.

Kits N Kids Willow Willow is our 1 year old doe and proven mother. She is a black otter color and double-maned. She’s had 2 litters. Her first litter was small with 3 babies, 1 doe and 2 bucks. Her second litter she miscarried due to the stress from her move from a hutch to a barn. We are waiting to breed her for her third litter as we’ll probably have to move her back to a hutch.

Mnt Peak CookieCookie is our doeling, Willow’s daughter. She is too young to breed. She is also a black otter color and double-maned. She is still very fluffy. She has been handled since birth and will even roam the yard without a fence as long as she’s supervised.